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Feature Of The Day


Carriage Hills Resort

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Float Week, Red Weeks 1-52, Annual Use $5,000.00


Feature Of The Week

Grand View Las Vegas

49 000 RCI points, Annual, Deeded, MF $347.00, $4,600.00


 Sell My Timeshare Canada. Ca

Sell my timeshare Canada is a timeshare resale company selling timeshare, points, vacation clubs and ownerships.  Timeshares generally have access to an exchange company in which you can become an member in. Such companies are RCI or Interval International or an independent company like HSI. 

We have advertised and sold all the various timeshare, points and vacation club related products. When it comes to selling timeshare, points or vacation clubs, there's no smarter or more affordable choice than Sell My Timeshare Canada.CA. We specialize in marketing and advertising and attracting the most buyers to our website so that our customers can sell timeshare with ease. With Sell My Timeshare Canada.CA, you can get only high quality, affordable advertising and marketing services.  We make it simple as possible for you to sell timeshare.

*Global advertising & Marketing, timeshare buyers from more than 30 countries
*Extensive advertising on Google, MSN & Yahoo and more!

*Get CASH from the sale of your timeshare and don't leave it to loved one's.
*Eliminate maintenance fee's

Fill Out the short form below to Get Started! We will be happy to answer any questions about selling your timeshare, points or vacation club, and give you a realistic suggestion on pricing based on the resale market.

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