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Sell My Timeshare Canada

Sell My Timeshare Canada

Sell my timeshare Canada works with timeshares or vacation clubs which include deeded weeks, floating weeks, fixed weeks, right to use, and various points programs.  Your timeshare might have access to an exchange company like RCI or Interval International or an independent company like HSI. 

We have sold and advertized all the various timeshare and vacation club related products. When it comes to selling timeshare or vacation ownerships, there's no smarter or more affordable choice than Sell My Timeshare Canada.CA, a division of Secondary Ownership Group, We specialize in attracting the most buyers to our website so that our customers can sell timeshare with ease. With Sell My Timeshare Canada.CA, you can expect only high quality, affordable advertising services - our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to sell timeshare.

*Global advertising reach - qualified buyers from more than 100 countries
*Massive advertising on Google, MSN & Yahoo

*You receive CASH from the sale of your timeshare!
*No more maitenance fee's, EVER!!!

Fill Out the Form to Get Started! We would be very happy to answer your questions about selling your timeshare and give you a realistic suggestion on pricing.

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Sell My Timeshare Canada.CA will never sell, rent or share any of your personal information, such as your email address, as stated in our Privacy Policy. When you advertise at Sell My Timeshare, the buyers come to you! Experience the difference of working with the #1 timeshare resale company in Canada - you'll discover how easy it is to sell timeshare.

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